Arizona side tour: Grand Canyon

Photo tour: Rainbow over Grand Canyon

by Robin on July 31, 2009

After reading, seeing and hearing about the Grand Canyon it was finally my turn. The landscape is truly stunning and I believe even the best photograph does not do it justice. That being said I did try to capture the Grand Canyon in the best possible way. Above photo was taken near the Desert View tower where we witnessed a lucky rain shower with accompanying rainbow. [24mm, 1/160s, F8]

Photo expedition: Grand Canyon view to the west
Just below the Desert View tower is this wonderful view towards the west. The dead tree was a perfect foreground object to create an interesting picture. [24mm, 1/50s, F13]

Photo tour: Grand Canyon view to the east
All of a sudden there is a dead tree everywhere you want to take a photo. I can’t really complain because it helps to create the picture. [24mm, 1/30s, F13]

Photo tour: Sun going down over Grand Canyon
With the sun shining directly into the camera, you need to watch out for glare. I have some in this photo, including two little ‘rainbows’ in the bottom left corner, but I don’t get too upset about it. It looks fine. [14mm, 1/160s, F14]

Photo expedition: Grand Canyon sunset with dead tree
At sunset, you must make sure that you are in the right location and not driving around to find one. Sunset is a busy time in the park as everyone wants to enjoy show. This is also the time that you have people sitting in the spot where you want to set up your camera. If you are friendly and polite, people will move for you (most of the time). [70mm, 1/2s, F11]

Photo expedition: Sun setting over Grand Canyon with dead tree in foreground
Same tree as the photograph above, but a different angle. [36mm, 1.6s, F14]

Photo expedition: Glorious sunset over Grand Canyon
After the sun goes down, look for those wonderful sunset colours. You will have to work fast as the light changes very fast. For this photo I used a ND grad filter to lessen the difference between light and dark. [24mm, 2.5s, F14]

Photo tour: Grand Canyon's Desert View tower silhouette
Early morning light is again a lot different then sunset light. In this picture I captured the silhouette of the Desert View tower against the morning light. [70mm, 1/160s, F8]

Photo tour: Grand Canyon's Colorado river far below during sunrise
One last view of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River far far below before heading back to Canada. [24mm, 1/30s, F8]

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