Canadian Photo Tours is established to provide photography tours and expeditions. Founded by me, Robin Timmerman, a Calgary based photographer. I have more than thirty-five years of photography experience starting with the interest for my parents’ Agfa Clack and later borrowing my mother’s Agfamatic “Ritsch-Ratsch” pocket camera to take pictures of military aircraft at the local air force base. Together with my friends from those days, we still focus on military aviation photography through STAS Aviation Press. I further developed my interest in photography by using my father’s Fujica SLR with screw-on interchangeable lenses. The first camera I bought from money earned by after school jobs was a Konica Autoreflex TC and a Tokina zoom lens. After that I stepped into the world of Nikon by purchasing a Nikon FE2 and I have never left that family.

Calgary photographer

Landscape and wildlife photography is a great way to get away from daily life and enjoy the great outdoors. Living in Calgary, with the Rocky Mountains so close, really brought out my passion for landscape photography. I picked up skills as I went along from friends, books and the internet. Hopefully this site shows the results of what I have learned.

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