Yellowstone trip: Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone lake sunrise reflection

by Robin on September 17, 2010

When you get to the lake area, try to do a first light photo shoot at the lake. If the lake is not calm, try to find a pool at the edge of the lake to capture some beautiful reflections. [24mm, 0.5s, F22]

Yellowstone lake sunrise with washed out waves
The spectacle starts when the sun still beyond the horizon. Experiment with your position and try to create something special. For this photo I tried to blur the waves and pick up some of the purple glow on the beach. The rocks are great elements to fit in the photo. [24mm, 0.8s, F19]

Yellowstone lake with sun rising over mountain range
Finally the sun peeks over the mountain range. Closing the aperture of the lens creates a nice star pattern. After the sun is up the light changes quickly and it’s time to move on. [24mm, 1/10s, F22]

Yellowstone white-tailed deer grazing
Close to our sunrise shoot, we found these white-tailed deer. [350mm, 1/800s, F4]

Yellowstone white-tailed deer
This white-tailed deer had an annoying branch stuck on his antlers. Now, how are you going to take that off? [350mm, 1/800s, F4]

Yellowstone lake blue reflection
Further down the road, close to West Thumb, you will find another opportunity for a great reflection. [24mm, 1/320s, F8]

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