Yellowstone trip: Tower-Roosevelt area

Overview of Yellowstone River Canyon near Tower Junction

by Robin on September 14, 2010

In the Tower-Roosevelt area of the park, close to Tower Falls, is a beautiful lookout over the river and the canyon that it flows trough. For this photo I also used a graduated neutral density filter to darken the sky part of the scene. [24mm, 0.6s, F8]

Tree beautifully frames Yellowstone River Canyon
This tree can be found at the same lookout as the top photo. In this photo the tree is used as a frame. The vibrant green moss enhances the framing. [24mm, 0.8s, F8]

Tower Falls in Yellowstone National park
The Tower Falls picture point can be reached after a short walk down a pathway. In this case, try to get some flow in the water by using a slow shutter speed. If there is too much sun on the falls, you may have to a ND filter to slow it down. [70mm, 1/15s, F16]

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