Yellowstone trip: Yellowstone River Falls

Yellowstone River Falls near Canyon Village

by Robin on September 15, 2010

One of the key features of Yellowstone National Park is Yellowstone River Falls. The falls can be viewed from many different view points that are accessible in the Canyon Village area. This photo was taken from Lookout Point on the North Rim. [24mm, 1/160s, F8]

Yellowstone river falls close-up
This close-up was taken from the same point as the photo above. Best time of day is in the morning as the sun shines into the canyon. The sun brings out the yellow stone colors. [70mm, 1/160s, F8]

Yellowstone river falls from artist point
On the South Rim you can find Artist Point which can be considered one of the best view points. In this photo, which was taken around noon, you can see that the sun lights up the north side of the canyon. Better lighting can be had earlier in the day, but sometimes the travel plans do not match the lighting schedule. [24mm, 1/400s, F9.5]

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