Tetons trip: Wildlife in Teton National Park

Teton great horned owl

by Robin on September 19, 2010

Wildlife can be found by driving around and talking to locals and other photographers. And sometimes you just have to be lucky or very patient. Above great horned owl was spotted at the campground that we were staying at. [300mm, 1/200s, F4]

Great horned owl in Teton National Park
Owls are very patient with photographers. This owl posed for a series of photographs giving us time to carefully frame and focus. [330mm, 1/400s, F4]

Teton Pronghorn antelope
Pronghorn antelope in the Teton Jackson Hole valley. [380mm, 1/1250s, F5.6]

Resting Teton Pronghorn antelope
Another antelope. [400mm, 1/1000s, F5.6]

Group of Bison in Teton National Park
Great setting: This group of Bison was traveling along a ridge with the Teton Range in the background. Sometimes you just have to be lucky. [350mm, 1/1600s, F5.6]

Bison in Teton National Park
A Bison bull traveling along the ridge. [400mm, 1/800s, F5.6]

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