Tetons trip: Mormon row

Beautiful Teton sunset with Mormon Row barn

by Robin on September 18, 2010

Most if not all photographers stop to shoot some photos of the old wooden barns in Grand Teton. Especially this Mormon Row barn is a favourite. We stopped by twice under different lighting conditions. Above photo was taken at sunset. The wonderful light shining through the clouds was further enhanced using Photoshop. [24mm, 1/4s, F11]

HDR black & white Mormon Row barn
With some time on your hand you can let your artistic side get to work. Usually that means creating the input for some Photoshop work when you get back home. In this case I used bracketing to shoot five photos of the same barn which I later merged using HDR software. [24mm, 1/4s-0.3s, F8]

We returned to the same barn during midday sunlight, which resulted in a completely different photo. This image was stitched together from six portrait-oriented photos. [24mm, 1/160s, F8]

Nostalgic black and white photo of Mormon Row barn
The old barn lent itself for a nostalgic black & white development. [92mm, 1/60s, F14]

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