Tetons trip: Grand Teton landscape photos

Grand Teton Range

by Robin on September 18, 2010

In Grand Teton National Park the transition between mountain range and valley floor is very abrupt. This photo tries to capture the spectacular landscape. By using a tilt-shift lens, I was able to focus on both the foreground and background with an optimal aperture and reasonable shutter speed. [24mm, 1/100s, F8]

Black and white Grand Teton Jackson Hole valley landscape
Some times there is not much color in the landscape as was the case in this instance. At that point it may be a good idea to opt for a classic black and white just like Ansel Adams did when he visited the park. [24mm, 1/50s, F5.6]

Grand Teton early fall storm panorama
A storm moves across the prairie-like landscape of the Jackson Hole valley. This panorama is composed of three shift captures. [24mm, 1/160s, F8]

Another pano of the Teton range captured on the final day before heading back to Yellowstone. [24mm, 1/400s, F8]

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