Early summer in the Canadian Rockies

Photo tour: Moraine Lake sunrise panorama

by Robin on June 30, 2010

One of my favorite settings in the Canadian Rockies is Moraine Lake. Best time is early morning and that means if you have to drive in from Calgary that you will have to get up very early. In this tour report, I will show you a few different options and angles to shoot Moraine Lake. Every time I go, I see something new. Above photo is a panorama stitched from three images. [24mm, 1.3s, F11]

Moraine Lake can be found just up the road from Lake Louise. The road to Moraine Lake is closed in the winter, so please check the Parks Canada site for opening and closing dates.

Photo tour: Moraine Lake before sunrise is a very tranquil setting
In order to capture the full sunrise show – if there is going to be one – you should arrive a half hour before sunrise. At that point the lake is at its most tranquil state: no tourists, maybe the odd photographer; little wind if you’re lucky; some birds chirping; whiffs of clouds drifting over the lake; and very quiet. [24mm, 1.3s, F11]

Photo excursion: Moraine Lake just after sunrise
The default spot to photograph the lake is from the top of the rock pile. The two top most photos are taken from that view point. Another great vantage point is at the edge of the lake which is at the bottom of the rock pile. This allows you to get some water and rocks in the foreground. [24mm, 1/30s, F9]

Photo excursion: Moraine Lake boulders in Black & White
To the north and beside the rock pile is another different angle as shown in above black & white panorama. [24mm,1/60s,F16]

Photo tour: HDR of Moraine Lake
Another option is to create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo to create some artsy but not too realistic end result. Above image is created from three images. [24mm, F16]


Photo tour: Tranquil Lake Louise with canoe
After shooting at Moraine Lake, or in between sessions, you can go down to Lake Louise and work on your creativity there. This time a nice orange canoe caught my attention. [24mm, 1/25s, F16]

Photo tour: Reflection of a canoe floating on Lake Louise
And a close up of the same. [105mm, 1/80s, F10]


Photo tour: Herbert Lake panorama
On the road from Lake Louise to Jasper, just after you pass the park pass control point, you will encounter Herbert Lake. On a (relatively) calm day, there may be some nice reflections to work with. Above panorama is stitched from three images. [24mm, 1/30s, F16]

Photo tour: Herbert Lake is just up the road from Lake Louise
The shore line of Herbert Lake is mosquito invested, but is nice to get a bit of foreground to create depth in the photo. [24mm, 1/5s, F16]

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