A few days of fall photography in the Rockies: Day 1

Photo safari: Yellow aspens in front of Castle mountain

by Robin on September 25, 2009

Aspens in the fall are a photographers dream. Great colors combined with great scenery as shown in above photo of yellow aspens in front of Castle Mountain in Banff National Park. You will pass this scene on your way from Banff to Lake Louise on the parkway. [48mm, 1/40s, F8]


Photo tour: Rundle mountain and Vermillion lakes
In september you can have bad weather in the Rockies but also good as was the case in september 2009. For many weeks in a row the sun was out and temperatures were high. When visiting Banff, you should always check the light on Rundle mountain and Vermillion lakes. [28mm, 1/60s, F14]

Photo tour: Autumn colors at Vermillion lakes
Looking more to the west, the scene of Vermillion lakes without Mount Rundle can also be breathtaking, especially when there is no wind to disturb the great reflections in the water. [35mm, 1/50s, F8]

Elk can be found in the area around the Banff townsite. The images that I took were taken near the road that leads to Lake Minnewanka.

Photo expedition: Bugling elk in Banff NP
A bugling elk in Banff National Park. [300mm, 1/4000s, F6.3]

Photo tour: Bull elk chasing
The same bull elk chasing a couple of sows. [300mm, 1/4000s, F6.3]

Photo safari: Sparring elk in rutting season
Sparring elk reflection. [300mm x 1.4, 1/4000s, F6.3]


Photo expedition: Yellow kayaks at Bow lake in the fall
A standard stop on the Icefields Parkway is Bow Lake. Basically every tourist stops here to take in the breathtaking scenery. This time I was lucky that some kayakers were out on the lake. The yellow kayaks compliment the landscape. [24mm, 1/40s, F8]

Photo expedition: Yellow kayaks at Bow lake
Kayaks on Bow Lake. [42mm, 1/160s, F8]


Photo tour: Mt Chephren and Mistaya lake in the fall
Further down the road on the Icefields Parkway you can find Mistaya lake. This is a beautiful tranquil lake offering a view of Mount Chephren. [24mm, 1/10s, F14]

Photo tour: Mistaya lake in the fall
Another shot of Mistaya Lake and Mount Chephren. [24mm, 1/13s, F14]

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